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Concrete crusher hire and material recycling services

Our concrete crusher hire and material recycling services offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to dealing with your waste materials. We can crush a range of materials including: Broken Concrete, Concrete blocks, bricks, pavers, stone, tarmac and much more! This gives you a high quality product to use on site instead of buying materials such as 803 or scalping's. Its also much cheaper than paying for muck away services or skips in most cases. We have a High output Compact Crusher which is capable of crushing around 15 - 30 tonnes an hour or we can provide a bigger machine for larger applications

Cost of rubble disposal for 200 tonnes = £3200

Cost of bought in hardcore

for 200 tonnes = £3000                     Total  = £6200

                                                   Our Crusher  = £385


      Your saving = £5815!!

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All Videos

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  • Cheaper and more convenient than skips or muck-away

  • Save on buying in materials such as 803 or sub-base

  • Ideal for narrow access sites 

  • Click here to contact us and find out what you could save!

For more information visit our concrete crushing site:

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